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About me


Grown up right on the foot of the Nadelhorn mountain, I am in the fortune position to be very close to this fantastic part of Switzerland. 
My parents rented a house and two typical Swiss Chalets to guest, so I got very early in contact with guest from all over Europe. This is an excellent way to learn about other cultures, behaviours and viewpoints. 
We had the opportunity to guide them around, went hiking and skiing with them. I kept this passion and organized every year various tours to Wallis and other parts of Switzerland to individuals and small groups around the world.
In this part of the world, it was very common to learn a craft, so I decided to do an apprenticeship as an electrician what I successfully completed. This was very often hart work in a dirty and dusty environment; it was a very rewarding time.
I then moved forward to study and graduated as an Electrical Engineer. 20 years later, after a lot of international and intercultural working experience, I decided to go back to school again and graduated an Executive MBA in General Management.
I have almost 30 years of work experience in global positions such as business development, change management, Service Management, non-financial performance reporting, best practice sharing and engineering positions. All these jobs were linked with travelling into various countries and enabled me to build up a global network of work and also personal colleagues.
During this time, I had the chance to work and live in Hong Kong and Shanghai for 4 years. This is the period in my life where I gained a lot of experience in Asian culture.
Beside organizing tours, my hobbies are skiing, golfing, hiking and travelling around the globe. There is so much to see on this planet and to learn from different cultures

Tony Fux

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