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International Interims Management


As an international Interims Manager, I improve the market position of organizations and I'm responsible for a sustainable growth of the business and achieve ambitious business goals

I am an experienced and well-rounded business professional with international leadership expierence who is flexible, time-wise and also geographically. I have international experience in a multicultural environment

Together with business partners I cover all areas of Management Support

  • Short term support in case of lack of resources

  • Business Development, especially related to growth areas such as after sales Services

  • Support and leading international projects

  • Building up Service Organisations in Asia

  • Transfer of Organisations into digitalisation

Your benefits

  • proactive and long-term planning of your resources

  • professional support to growth your business

  • increased the staff satisfaction and loyalty and decreased the staff turnover

  • increased the understanding of customer requirements

  • reduced the complexity of your portfolio

  • make your business more predictable

  • benefit from Best Practices from other companies

My Expierence

Leadership, Business Development and Change Management


  • Increased the Order Intake in Europe & Asia by applying the global strategy, rolled out the global portfolio and focused on selected initiatives

  • Build up a dedicated Service Team in China. This increased the customer satisfaction and the company’s revenue and profit

  • Developed and implemented a technical and sales training landscape for the Service organization. This has increased the staff satisfaction and loyalty and decreased the staff turnover

  • Introduced and trained selected Sales Staff in Value based selling. This has increased the understanding of customer requirements

  • Gave the Service organization an identity. Service became the place to work for, because we invested into people and their development. Based on skill assessments, they could see a clear career path

  • Increased the transparency of the Installed Base to show the business potential. This has increased the management attention and commitment towards a dedicated Service Organization

Service Management & Energy Services


  • Condensed all existing Services and Service Offering Set’s globally to a much smaller set, with clear definition of what is part of a Service and what the deliverables of a Service Offering Set are. This has reduced the complexity and made it much easier for the sales staff

  • Rollout of value-added services to the existing portfolio such as Energy Services where the customer benefit can easily be proved

  • Introduced a Sales Funnel concept and tool to the Service Organization. Systematically reviewed the Sales Funnel and the resulting potential Order Intake. This has changed the mindset of the Sales Organization to make the sales leads visible and made the business much more predictable

Non-Financial KPI’s and Benchmarking

  • Defined and implemented Service KPI’s according the company strategy. The developed dashboard enabled the company to measure the progress and the achievement of their targets

  • Established a non-financial Benchmark and Progress Report to document the growth in Service, to increase the quality of our Services and to learn from the best performing countries. This has created a competitive thinking and the results could be seen in both, the non-financial and the financial reports.

  • Defined the model and process on data collection and quality standards. This resulted in a high accuracy and acceptance of the reporting

  • Organized regular best practice sharing workshops. This has created a high team spirit and we could avoid duplications and unnecessary cost

Service Culture

  • Introduced a Service booklet in China with “does and don’ts” for Service technicians. This has increased the awareness of these soft skills

  • Developed a Service Culture program with 3 Core Values and 9 Guiding Principles. This program has been rolled out in various European and Asian countries and the impact can be seen in the customers Net Promoter Score

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