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Business Transparency 


Making your business more transparent and build the basis for a successful strategy


A pilot can reach his destination only with the proper instruments. Same applies for companies.

I have done many Non-Financial Cockpits which are the base to increase profit and growth. This visibility allow to show the real baseline and the resulting business potential. 

Without this visibility a company may "flying blind"


  • Define which goals are desireable to be reached

  • Define the reports that support the needed transparency

  • Evaluate the source and the quality of the data needed for that reports

  • Develop a first draft in EXCEL VBA

  • Consolidate the progress in order to make sure the direction is correct

  • Provide user documentation and presentation

  • Launch the Cockpit with trainungs and supports

At a later state when the Cockpit has proven it's value and is well established the Cockpit can easily be migrated to another platform

Examples of Management Cockpits

Bar Chart

Sales Funnel Tool

Benchmarking Tools

Customer Relation Management Tool

Dokumentation of installed base

Resource Planning

Management of Service Level Agreements

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